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“As a bookworm, I was pleased to read a story that wasn’t overdone by unnecessary details and dialogue. “UnCaged Destiny”, a beautiful novella penned by author Lisa Farrell-Davis, perfectly captured the essence of a love story in the making, filled with a balance of words and emotional transitions that will leave you wanting more.

Because I have read previous works from the author, I wasn’t surprised by the how well this novella was composed. Lisa took the time to bring an idea to life. That idea blossomed into a love story that everyday people can relate to, because we all have our own issues and problems.

By adding love to the main character’s mix of emotions, a sense of anxiety was presented that could be felt through the author’s writing. “UnCaged Destiny” will be able to reach women and men of all ages because the author is able to pull the reader into the matters of the main character’s heart without force. I look forward to reading more from this author.”

By Kelly Stone – Editor in Chief- Southern Laced Magazine [2017]

cage3“I have just finished reading ‘Uncaged Destiny’  By Lisa Farrell and would like to give my thoughts on said Book.

As I started to read this book my first  impression begged the question am I reading something in the genre of a Shakespearean Tragedy but quickly realized it was nothing of the sort.

This Author was enticing.  Her words compelling the reader to read more and of course the intriguing characters
engaged me into a feeling of wanting more – The need to continue reading was overwhelming. I was conscious of the different emotions it evoked, in fact, the more I read the more I wanted to continue reading.
When I finished the Book – It made me think how many of us can relate to the main character ‘Cage’ with all the emotive issues she brought to the fore – Her story and her character.creating empathy to her struggles.
I found myself eager to get to the next paragraph to find out how this emotional roller coaster was going to end…
This Author leaves you wanting more – and I was definitely left wanting more—.
I sincerely hope this Author will in the not too distant future  put pen to paper and not leave her readers waiting  too long  before we enter the next stage of these interesting and troubled characters lives …

I for one cannot wait ——–…A Book for all——-

By Barbara Marques – UK [2017]

cage website 2“A unique look at the anatomy of falling in love—with another soul, and with one’s own soul—through all the baggage and pain of life.  A story of one woman’s journey of self-growth and maturity, through the lens of her own spiritual beliefs.”

By Robin Hill – North Carolina [2017]