About the Author

cropped-dsc_6073-fxd.jpgFrom an early age, Lisa has had a love affair with books. She enjoys everything about books…their scent, weight and texture, but most of all…their words. Libraries and book stores quickly became her favorite places to escape into new worlds, travel to distant lands and see life through the eyes of each character. Her appetite for words spilled over into music, where the songs of country music artists exuding from her father’s speakers began the process of opening her eyes (and ears) to heights and depths of emotion and expression. Through her exposure to a variety of works, books, music, lyrical articulations and her own experimentation, Lisa has learned the power of words.

Lisa readily and willingly engages at the intersection life and faith in all its beauty, complexity and messiness. Looking back on the blanket of memories, woven together from her lifetime of experiences, Lisa strives to live transparently, where she no longer hides behind past mistakes. Lisa’s journey has taken her on a path leading to growth in her faith, and she utilizes her life events to encourage and motivate others to see how God is moving in their lives. She thrives on seeing others succeed, and channels that passion into community efforts, as well as being a listening ear to anyone who is looking for a very forthright but empathetic voice.

While holding down a full-time job and striving to maintain balance in her family life, Lisa finds an outlet for her creative expression through being a freelance writer, blogger and author. Her novella, Uncaged Destiny, is the first in a planned series looking at love and its interaction with faith and self-growth. Musings and ruminations on her adventures and candid view of life can be found at www.uncagedphoenix.com or on Instagram: uncagedphoenix_blog.